“Daspass Appliances” was incorporated in June 2013, today is known for its reliable quality and specialization in Electric fans and Geysers in its clients. Company started with electrical fans and motors and expanded it product line. It is certified with ISO. Its clients list includes almost every segment of industries institutes, Government  and semi government department.  It produces custom design for the most unusual applications as a matter of routine and has various models in stock.

“Daspass Appliances” was established with the vision to be a Global Electrical & Electronic Appliances Corporation. Over the years, “Daspass Appliances” has been carrying the mission to consistently provide world-class innovation driven products that meet customer’s expectations by leveraging on the total supply & value chain, brand development, marketing and distribution capabilities.

  Company   Daspass Appliances
  Address   29/19, Street No 6, Anand Parbat Industrial Area, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi 110005 India
  Represented by   Mrs. Savita Sharma
(Managing Director)
  Scope   Manufacturers & Exporters
  Establishment   2013
  Authorized &   certificates   Exhaust fan / Tube Axial Fan / Inline Fan/ Air Curtain/ Air Driven Fan / Air washer / Air Handling Unit / Air Circulator Fan / Cooling Fan / Solar Product / Water Purifiers / Magnetic Water Conditioners / Air filters / Ceiling Diffusers & Grills / Centrifugal Fan / Axial Fan / Industrial Air Cooler / Water Heaters / Capacitors/ Fresh Air / Trans Air / Wall / Pedestal / Table / All Purpose Fan / Ventilation Fan / Roto Grill / Fan Regulator / LED lights & Tube Lights / Electric Wire / Electric Iron and Power Strips.